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Arsenal fans find video of Gabriel and Saliba ‘fighting’ after win over Leicester City


Arsenal was yesterday welcomed at the King Power Stadium by Leicester City and they won the game but fans have found video of Saliba and Gabriel fighting.

Arsenal’s centre-back pairing of William Saliba and Gabriel Magalhães had an altercation after the full-time whistle against Leicester City yesterday, despite keeping a clean sheet. The Gunners had a rapid start to the second half as Gabriel Martinelli finished into the bottom corner to give Arsenal a 1-0 lead.

The win saw Arsenal go two points clear at the top of the Premier League after 24 games, but Manchester City are still closely following them as they are just two points behind the North Londoners.

After the full-time whistle, Saliba and Magalhães were seen arguing on the pitch. It is unclear what sparked their disagreement. Here is the video below.

The altercation between Saliba and Magalhães was not well received by some Arsenal fans who were watching from home, with many taking to social media to express their disappointment in both players for not showing unity in such an important game.

Despite this incident, Arsenal will be pleased with their performance against Leicester City as they kept a clean sheet and earned three points which puts them two points clear at the top of the Premier League table. It remains to be seen if this incident will have any lasting effect on Saliba and Magalhães’ relationship or if it will be forgotten quickly as they focus on helping Arsenal maintain their position at the top of the table.


Yesterday, the Gunners travelled to the King Power Stadium to face Leicester City in the Premier League. The Arsenal team, under the guidance of Mikel Arteta, was able to secure a win against the Foxes with a 3-1 victory.

However, fans noticed something more off the pitch as a video of Arsenal’s defenders Gabriel and William Saliba getting into a tussle was captured by cameras. The video appears to show the two players coming together and having some kind of altercation.

The two were caught in the tunnel before the game, with other members of the team trying to break it up, suggesting that the fight had been going on for a few minutes before the cameras had caught it.

The head coach, Arteta, has since addressed the situation in a press conference, saying “We all know sometimes two teammates can have a disagreement and it can be something that happens over the course of a season or over a period of time. As long as it stays inside the team, it is not a problem”.

Despite Arteta making clear that the incident was no more than a minor disagreement, the incident has raised questions within the Arsenal fanbase and more widely throughout football. It will be interesting to see if, and how, the dispute is resolved in the coming days and, more importantly, whether it will have had an effect on their performance moving forward.


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