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Edwards and FSG exploring European takeover deal for club who already have some ties to Liverpool


According to reports, Michael Edwards has his sights set on a European club after declaring his aim to expand FSG’s roster upon his return to Liverpool later this month.

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Football Insider reports that the Reds’ owners are investigating a takeover offer for Toulouse, a Ligue 1 team that we played against in the 2013-14 Europa League group stage.

The two teams already have some connections: RedBird Capital, the principal owner of Les Violets, owns an 11% stake in FSG, and Damien Comolli, the club’s current president, was Anfield’s director of football strategy before overseeing the transfer of Luis Suarez.

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Many Reds fans who had concerns about multi-club ownership (MCO) may have objected to Edwards’ aspirations to broaden FSG’s football portfolio beyond Liverpool.

The fans of teams that feel as though their identity is being taken away in order to serve one flagship team—Manchester City in the case of the former—have criticised other examples, such as the City Football Group and the Red Bull stable.

If FSG is fully committed to following the MCO route, we hope they do it the proper way and build solid relationships with teams from all around Europe and beyond, without necessarily using them as Liverpool’s “feeder” sides.

Regretfully, in contemporary football, this contentious ownership paradigm has proliferated. As long as the Boston-based businesspeople don’t just turn a decades-old club into an LFC Lite, we have no problem with formalised agreements being formed.


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