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Fernandez tells Chelsea to sign this 23-year-old star


Enzo Fernandez, the Chelsea midfielder and Argentina international, has urged the club to make Joao Felix’s loan move permanent at the end of the season. Fernandez praised Felix, who is currently on loan from Atletico Madrid, as a great and fantastic player, noting that their connection off the field helps them on the field. He went on to say that Felix is a key player for the team and that he hopes Chelsea will do all they can to keep him come June.
Chelsea midfielder and Argentina international, Enzo Fernandez has put forward his suggestion for the club to make Joao Felix’s loan move from Atletico Madrid permanent. Fernandez spoke highly of Felix, praising him as a “great and fantastic player”. Furthermore, it was noted that the pair have developed a strong connection off the field that has had a positive impact on their performance on the field.

In an interview, Fernandez expressed his desire for the club to look into keeping Felix as early as June. He professed that Felix is an integral player on their team, and praised him for the attitude he brings to the clubhouse. He also encouraged the club to explore any ways they can keep Felix and said that he is sure he will make a huge contribution to the team regardless of what shape the loan agreement takes.

Chelsea managers have yet to publicly share their stance on the matter, but it is clear that Fernandez highly values the presence of Felix and would love to see him remain at Stamford Bridge. The powerful bond between Fernandez and Felix may also be of influence, encouraging the club to do what it can to keep one of their most important assets for the months to come.

Only time will tell how Chelsea handles the future of Felix and of course the decision rests solely with both clubs. But, one thing is for certain and that is the undeniable chemistry between Felix and Fernandez that is sure to bring about plenty of success in the months to come.


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