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‘In the green room’: Sky pundit teases he’s trying to get 25-year-old PL star to Liverpool


Jamie Carragher joked that he was attempting to get Ruben Neves to sign for Liverpool when he was spotted speaking with the Portuguese midfielder in London. Carragher addressed the rumours on Sky Sports, with presenter Kelly Cates jokingly asking if he was trying to tap up Neves. Carragher responded with a laugh, saying “No, no” and adding that “what goes on in the green room, stays in the green room.” He then went on to say that they all have “little different avenues.”
Former Liverpool defender and Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher set tongues wagging last week when he was spotted in deep conversation with Portuguese midfielder Ruben Neves outside the ITV studios in London. While Carragher is sometimes known for his light-hearted sense of humour, speculation was rife that he was attempting to ‘tap up’ the midfielder, who plays for Wolverhampton Wanderers, for a move to Liverpool United.

The conversation was raised during Sky Sports’ ‘The Football Show’, with Kelly Cates, the presenter, jokingly saying ‘Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Any possibility Jamie Carragher was tapping up Ruben Neves yesterday?’

Carragher was quick to laugh off the suggestion, saying ‘No, no’. He followed up by saying ‘what goes on in the green room, stays in the green room.’ There is an element of truth to this statement however, as with many of the television appearances, there is a great deal of informal conversations that take place among the footballing elite and their agents in order to gain an insight into potential transfers.

However on this occasion, it was clear that Carragher and Neves were simply discussing football, and the Liverpudlian went on to express his admiration for Neves, saying that he is one of the best midfielders in the Premier League. Neves has been a consistent performer for Wolves and has developed into a top-class player since joining in 2017 from Portuguese side Porto.

Carragher used the opportunity to discuss off-camera business opportunities with Neves, saying that there are ‘little different avenues which present themselves’ in the footballing world, though these are rarely publicised.

While it is unlikely that Carragher was trying to broker a move between Neves and Liverpool, both are certainly great assets to their respective clubs, and it is always exciting to see such talents discuss their respective ambitions in the sport.


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