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‘Limping around’: £195k-a-week Arsenal man potentially seriously injured v Bournemouth today – Sky Sports journo


Today, Arsenal defeated Bournemouth in a match that was far easier than anticipated, cruising to yet another Premier League victory.

Amidst possible injury concerns, Arsenal easily prevailed thanks to goals from Kai Havertz, Martin Odegaard, and Bukayo Saka.

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However, Saka might have a problem because he seems to be having trouble recovering from a serious injury throughout the game.

Injured during Arsenal vs. Bournemouth, Bukayo Saka

Journalist Dan Sansom of Sky Sports claims that Saka hobbled around for a while until Mikel Arteta eventually hauled him off.

Saka was cleared to go today, although it’s debatable if that was truly the case. He still need to have been removed sooner, though. He’s been hobbling around for a very long time, Sansom said.

alarming glance

It was unexpected to see some of the names on the final team sheet, even though Mikel Arteta was aware that several of his players had sustained injuries in the lead-up to the match.

Naturally, Saka—who currently makes an incredible £195k per week—played a key role in the victory, and the three points will now mean a lot to City after their loss.

But if Saka was having trouble and was kept on longer than necessary, leading to an injury, that poses a serious risk for Arsenal.

Although the prognosis is unknown, Saka hobbling around is never a good sign.

Saka should be well enough to travel to Europe and back next week. If not, Mikel Arteta may need to respond to a few inquiries.


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