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‘My personal feeling’: Robin van Persie predicts who will win the PL title…Arsenal or Manchester City


Over the weekend, Arsenal legend Robin van Persie shared his thoughts on the title race with Manchester City.

Van Persie, who left Arsenal to great effect to pursue a league title with Manchester United, still keeps a close eye on the Gunners.

The Dutch forward is widely regarded as one of Arsenal’s best players in the last 15 years. Van Persie is well-liked by Arsenal fans and is widely respected at The Emirates.

So, when speaking to Sky Sports today, Arsenal fans will be delighted to hear Van Persie predict who will win the Premier League between Arsenal and Manchester City.

“When it comes to this time period, every single point counts.” They’ve had a couple of difficult games and come away with three points, which is what a champions team is made of. “They’ve been demonstrating that,” Van Persie stated.

“However, the final stretch is always the most difficult. However, my personal belief is that they will go for it and win the league. It’s been a while, so I’m delighted for them to win.”

Despite his brief defection to Manchester United before Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, Arsenal fans still hold fond memories of Robin van Persie.

The Dutchman also makes an excellent point about Arsenal’s recent big wins. Questions have been posed, and the Gunners have responded so far.

For Arsenal, it’s all about coming back strong from the international break. They’re in the home stretch, and with some big games coming up, they need to start fast.

Man City will catch them if they make a mistake. It is now crunch time for Arsenal, and they must simply maintain their current levels.


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