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‘One of the best I have ever seen’: Pep Guardiola left stunned by ‘dangerous’ Man City star in Newcastle win


Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, praised Phil Foden for his outstanding performance in his team’s 1-0 victory over Newcastle United.

The Catalan tactician was questioned on the Englishman’s performance in a more prominent role against Eddie Howe’s team, according to City’s official website.

It’s safe to say that Phil Foden’s masterclass during Manchester City’s victory over Newcastle United on Saturday left Pep Guardiola speechless.

After Manchester City defeated Newcastle, Pep Guardiola gushed about Phil Foden. Described as “dangerous” by Kieran Trippier after the game, the 23-year-old was a class act in midfield as he played with Eddie Howe’s team from the first minute.

Foden was a nuisance on the half-turn, generating chances out of thin air, eluding defenders, displaying his amazing technical skills, and helping Alvarez with the game-winning goal.

Phil Foden, who made headlines as Manchester City trounced Newcastle at the Etihad Stadium, was praised by Pep Guardiola.

“Phil is capable of playing every position up front. He shows amazing skill between the lines, as evidenced by the way he turns and attacks the final line.

After Manchester City defeated Newcastle and earned the crucial three points, Pep Guardiola praised him once more, stating, “It’s one of the best I have ever seen.” He is extremely adept at attacking the target in every control. He doesn’t need to make two or three touches to get into position to take aim.

I am aware of Phil’s ability to perform well in that position, whether as a striker, right or left winger. I am pleased because I believe he will return.

It was not to be surprised by Foden’s performance, as he finally shown why there has been such a push to use him in midfield, where he is most comfortable.

The young marvel of Manchester City appeared to be the obvious choice to succeed Kevin De Bruyne once he hangs up his boots after filling his heavy shoes.


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