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‘People won’t give him credit’: BBC pundit says nobody is acknowledging how useful 24-year-old Arsenal ace is


At Arsenal, Kai Havertz isn’t having an easy time.

Although the German isn’t playing well right now, every supporter, analyst, and impartial in the nation has been extremely critical of him.

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It’s true that Havertz has evolved into a bit of a Premier League scapegoat this season, and even the most astute observers are having difficulty seeing past Havertz’s current actions.

Havertz does contribute to the Arsenal club, but his lack of goals and assists is being overlooked by everyone as they concentrate on what he doesn’t offer.

Although the German does not often score goals or provide assists—he did score on Saturday against Bournemouth from the penalty spot—he can be somewhat helpful in the attack by generating space and keeping defenders occupied.

Havertz at Arsenal has been the subject of discussion on the BBC Radio Five Live Football Daily Podcast. Kevin Campbell claims that Havertz is a highly effective player who is being assessed unfairly.

Havertz is productive.

Campana delivered his assessment of the former Chelsea player.

“In my opinion, Fletch lacks confidence, and it’s a fact that players who lack confidence will have gaps in their gameplay. In actuality, though, Kai Havertz gives Arsenal an efficiency that many are unwilling to acknowledge because, for £65 million, they believe he should be scoring five or ten goals a week. That isn’t how it works; it’s a new system, and he needs to understand how Arsenal plays. Additionally, his lack of confidence prevents him from possessing the offensive skill, according to Campbell.

Tough to

Although, to be honest, it’s difficult to give Havertz credit for the things he does well, Campbell claims that people won’t.

Yes, the German does have some nice qualities; after all, you don’t move for £65 million if you’re a bad player. However, for that kind of money, especially for an attacking player, you would like to see some sort of regular production in the form of goals and assists.

Although he did score today, a penalty kick is the biggest gimme in football.

Until Havertz begins creating opportunities consistently in the last third, he won’t receive any kind of significant recognition.


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