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(Video) Postecoglou on having Liverpool posters on his wall as a child ahead of Reds clash


Prior to playing us in the Premier League, Ange Postecoglou, an Australian, was questioned once more about his past devotion to Liverpool. The Australian has previously disclosed that he was a childhood supporter of our team.

“This year, qualifying for the Champions League will be an enormous task,” said Klopp.

In an interview with the media, the 58-year-old stated, “It was the Seventies.” One or both of you went. Back then, they used to just broadcast Manchester United or Liverpool.

To add some spice to the situation, I sided with Liverpool since I knew a few friends who supported United. I had the posters up on the wall, just like any other youngster. My team was Liverpool, but as you get older, things change. Happy Days used to be my favourite. However, The Fonz posters are no longer hanging on my wall. That is the process.

The ex-Celtic player is obviously attempting to distance himself from his early love of the Reds and highlight his professional relationship with Spurs, but he must still be excited about playing them in English football for the first time.

As we teach a footballing lesson at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, let’s hope that we can illustrate why he ought to have continued to communicate with his former affection for our team.


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