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‘Arteta likes’: Journalist says ‘lots of talk’ Arsenal want ‘very talented’ 20-year-old


After Xavi Simons’ outstanding season at PSV Eindhoven, Charles Watts has commented on Arsenal’s interest in signing him.

The 20-year-old is one of the top young players in football right now, and Arsenal, who are vying for the Premier League championship, have taken notice of him.

Xavi Simons left PSG for PSV last summer, but Charles Watts, a transfer specialist, said that the French club has a “buy-back” option on the player and that he has “the versatility Mikel Arteta likes.” Watts made this claim to Inside Arsenal.

Simons is a classic Dutch technician who can play in any of the front three positions and attack from the centre.

He has scored 22 goals in all competitions this season for a PSV team that won the Dutch Cup while being led by the renowned striker Ruud van Nistelrooy, who has since departed the team.

Simons’ ability to carry the ball and ability to cause trouble without entering the penalty area are likely other elements that are drawing attention, according to Watts, who also shared his impressions of the player.

At the present, Xavi Simons is closely associated, according to Watts. Lots much discussion about him. His name keeps coming up.

He is a really gifted athlete. When Arsenal faced up against him for PSV in the Europa League, I was really pleased. He was a major problem for Arsenal, especially on the road.

He has 22 goals and 12 assists this season for PSV in all competitions. Amazingly good. Arsenal is quite loaded on the left, so you might assume Arteta prefers a player with versatility. Someone who plays on the right and can cover Saka is needed if they need another wide player this summer. Perhaps Arteta thinks he can accomplish it. He has the versatility that Arteta loves and can also play in the centre of the field.

He is quite young. He would be expensive. Additionally, PSG has a buy-back option, but it only amounts to something like £10 million, so that is a problem.

Simons would increase Arsenal’s reservoir of emerging potential.
Simons had the option to remain at PSG and keep warming the bench at a team that included players like Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi.

But he made the decision to set it aside, consider his own future, and work on it. As a result, he is now in a far better position than he was a year ago.

If he makes the decision to go once more, joining a team like Arsenal would be a sensible choice because they are competing for the championship, back in the Champions League, and have a manager who can be trusted to help him improve his game.


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