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‘Never doubted him’: Piers Morgan makes complete U-turn over one Arsenal player today


On Saturday afternoon, Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal easily defeated Bournemouth, with Kai Havertz contributing to the goals.

In the 53rd minute of the Premier League away game against Bournemouth, Kai Havertz, who transferred from London and Premier League rivals Chelsea to Arsenal during the summer transfer window, scored.

It originated at the penalty area.

For Arsenal, Havertz has been unable to produce goals or provide assists since his summer 2023 £65 million signing.

And tonight, the versatile Germany international—who can play both forward and attacking midfield—finally found the back of Mikel Arteta’s team with his first goal.

Piers Morgan on Arsenal vs. Bournemouth: Kai Havertz scores

TV host Piers Morgan was watching the game.

Morgan, a well-known Arsenal supporter, voiced his worries over Havertz throughout the match.

Nevertheless, as you can see here, he quickly changed his mind after the former Chelsea attacker scored.

Arsenal’s victory over Bournemouth is crucial.

The Gunners are currently among the strongest contenders for the Premier League championship and are playing incredibly well.

Kai Havertz might blow up now.

Kai Havertz may now, in my opinion, start producing results for Arsenal.

The goal that Havertz scored from the penalty spot will give him more confidence.

And that might observe the style’s progressive turn.

For Arsenal to win the Premier League and have a significant influence in the UEFA Champions League this season, Havertz must be at the top of his game.


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